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Mitchell R. Charchalis

Mitchell R. Charchalis, Associate

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Prior to joining Yukevich | Cavanaugh, Mr. Charchalis was an assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, New York.

In this role, Mr. Charchalis was responsible for handling a wide variety of cases from arraignment to trial including attempted murders, gun point robberies and white collar crimes. Amongst these cases were multiple high profile matters that received significant media coverage. As the lead attorney on numerous jury and bench trials, Mr. Charchalis secured multiple prosecution victories. Mr. Charchalis is now leveraging his significant trial experience in preparing products liability, general negligence, and other civil defense cases for trial at Yukevich | Cavanaugh.

Mr. Charchalis graduated with honors from James Madison University, in 2008, with a BS in computer science. Thereafter, he was awarded a scholarship to attend Hofstra University School of Law, and graduated cum  laude in 2012. While in law school, Mr. Charchalis was a law clerk at the Grievance Committee for the 10th Judicial District and staff member of the Journal of International Business and Law. He was also a member of the Law Reform Advocacy Clinic, where he prepared a Fair Housing Act case for trial in federal court. For his work with the clinic, he received the Outstanding Student of the Year Award in 2012.