Clients Name Yukevich | Cavanaugh to the BTI Honor Roll of Most Feared Litigation Firms

Sep 19, 2013

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - If a courtroom were a boxing ring, Yukevich | Cavanaugh would be the boxer you would rather not fight.  That’s a common sentiment among many corporate General Counsel across the country. 

Yukevich | Cavanaugh was just listed amongst the Honor Roll of the Most Feared Law Firms in the nation.  BTI Consulting Group is behind the list, which endeavors to find out which firms instill the most fear in the hearts of their opponents.  The full list can be seen in BTI’s annual report, “Litigation Outlook 2014: Changes, Trends, and Opportunities for Law Firms.”

Drawing on hundreds of interviews with general counsel and law department heads, these firms stood out as those most likely to trigger dread in opposing counsel for their ability to anticipate their legal opposition's strategy, according to BTI President Michael Rynowecer.

“They have a take-no-prisoners attitude, and they don’t contemplate not winning,” Rynowecer said. “They bring the right people, the right chemistry. It’s all about the level of commitment, and not just in courtroom strategy, but in getting the right resources together.”

BTI  asked more than 300 general counsel and in-house litigation heads which law firms they would least like to see as opposing counsel.  Most of the firms named have hundreds—even thousands—of attorneys on their roster.  Of the 75 firms named to the Honor Roll, YC was one of only six boutique firms in the United States.

“Our firm is honored to be recognized along with such outstanding national firms,” said Jim Yukevich. 

Yukevich attributes the distinction to an unparalleled tenacity in and out of the courtroom.  The full list of recipients is a veritable “Who’s Who” of outstanding firms.

According to the report, “[these most feared litigation firms] train their eyes on the target and, with impeccable efficiency, take down the enemy.  Their expertise and unfailing approach to the mission inspires respect, awe and fear. A Delta Force soldier is someone you want on your side - not the enemy’s. These [firms] are the elite; standing above all others. Few attain such formidable status.”

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