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Practice Area Details

Witness Preparation

To properly obtain justice, witnesses must be truthful and competent when standing in a court of law. Jurors base judgments not only on witnesses' verbal statements but also on their body language, overall demeanor and even physical appearance. At Yukevich | Cavanaugh, we understand how important it is to counsel potential witnesses so they are comfortable with the proceedings of a courtroom as well as knowledgeable in effective communication.

Because most people are only familiar with legal proceedings based on what they see on television and in the movies, it is crucial that any potential witness be briefed on what to really expect in today's legal world. These witnesses need to understand the difference between deposition and trial testimony, for example, as well as the difference between direct and cross-examination testimony.

Yukevich | Cavanaugh's experienced team will educate witnesses in all areas of legal proceedings so they are as well prepared as possible for their "day in court."