Brown v. Estenson Logistics

October 18, 2023 – Kern County Superior Court, Kern County, CA

In Los Angeles, the law firm Yukevich Cavanaugh successfully defended a trucking company, Estenson Logistics (operating as Hub Group), against a substantial $48 million lawsuit related to a dock worker's injuries during a loading incident. The case, led by Thomas Borncamp, a partner at Yukevich, centered around allegations that the worker was injured due to the improper parking of a trailer, creating a dangerous gap between the dock and the trailer. Despite video surveillance at the scene, crucial footage was not preserved, complicating the plaintiff's case. The incident occurred at a Bakersfield Home Depot, where the plaintiff suffered significant injuries after falling into the gap. Despite the plaintiff's legal team, led by Brian L. Poulter, arguing negligence in training and safety practices by Estenson Logistics, the jury was not convinced. Borncamp highlighted the plaintiff's failure to utilize a specialized ramp designed to prevent such accidents, pointing to an obstructed work area as a contributing factor. The defense's effective strategy led to a favorable verdict for Estenson Logistics, with Poulter acknowledging Yukevich Cavanaugh's adept handling of the defense. The plaintiff's team is considering potential post-trial actions.