Estate of Bobby Lee Herring, Sr. v. Ford Motor Company

July 29, 2010 – Stanley Mosk Superior Court, Los Angeles, CA

Bobbie Herring worked as a body man/mechanic for over 20 years at several independent dealerships and auto body shops, including Ford dealerships. After Herring was diagnosed with mesothelioma, he filed suit against Ford. After his death, Herring's family continued the suit, alleging wrongful death.

The Herring family alleged that Herring suffered from malignant mesothelioma due to his work with Asbestos-containing Ford brakes, gaskets, and clutches. The Herring family contended that Herring was not exposed to any alternative sources of asbestos other than friction car parts.

Ford contended that automobile mechanics are not at increased risk of mesothelioma and that Herring's alleged exposure to asbestos in automotive friction products did not cause or contribute to his disease. The defense contended that Herring's mesothelioma was caused by his work as a pipe fitter or was idiopathic. Ford Motor was represented by Yukevich | Cavanaugh in Los Angeles.

The Herring family sought wrongful death and punitive damages.

Defense Verdict.


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